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Hi everyone. Here's a master post for The Exile and any other fiction I may add to this journal.

                    The Blacksmith's Daughter Series

The Blacksmith's Daughter is title of my AU collection. All stories are Gwen-centric. The main pairing is Guinevere and Arthur. Most stories are from Guinevere's point of view. If you're interested in stories where Guinevere is the main character, has agency and her relationships with people besides Arthur and Merlin are explored then The Blacksmith's Daughter Series is for you. Currently published stories in the Blacksmith's Daughter Series are: Secure, The Exile and the Little Brother,Big Sister drabbles.


Exhausted after spending weeks away from the palace searching for the Lady Morgana Prince Arthur rushes to Gwen's home determined to do anything to keep her safe and secure. Canon, set between S2 & S3, spoilers for season 2, romance, Arwen, short fic.First in The Blacksmith's Daughter series.

The Exile, main title in The Blacksmith's Daughter Series-   updated 08/10/13 new!!

Chronicles the travels and adventures of Guinevere during her absence from Camelot. Guinevere makes new friends, finds a new family and even a little romance while Camelot suffers her absence.

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The Exile Art work Index

Little Brother, Big Sister, featuring Elyan and Guinevere, drabbles for The Blacksmith's Daughter, drabbles

I also have a couple of stand alone pieces featuring Guinevere and Arthur at that are not posted here.

New Entry in my Merlin fic library: How to Live Series
The Day After- one shot
The 12 Days of Christmas

Kinkmeme Fills:
I've also been perusing the kinkmeme prompts and I've written a couple fills and posted them at Pendragon's King. They are also being posted here and AO3. Yes Sire was originally posted as annonymous butI am claiming it now.

He Gets What he Want
Yes Sire

Other Merlin Fic':

A Thousand Years: Every Saturday Mrs. Guinevere Penn watches Merlin online and chats with her UK buddies about the show and the ship they can't resist. So what's her reaction to Lancelot Du' Lac? Modern, reincarnation,off-canon and slightly crack. short-short

What's In A Name: Arthur needs a new employee at Penn Industries. Will he hire the candidate with the perfect resume? drabble

Four drabbles for the AG short fic contest: Beautiful, Still Going Left,What Happens Next and Humiliation.
I participated in another AG short fic battle. I filled 16 prompts and will be adding the shorts as they are over the next few days with some minor polishing so people can easily find and read them- updated 09/23/12.

MC_6 Short fic battle in which I placed third. I wrote a total of 14 or 21 fills, I don't remember, read here; fics are added as I edit.

Follow the progress of The Exile on tumblr at TalesoftheBlacksmith'sDaugter.

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MC6 A/G Fic Battle Fills


Hi all I participated in the maddness that was the AG_Short Fic Battle. I came in third place about which I am very excited seeing as how I have never placed in one of these things and short fiction is my weakness.  I completed 16 fills of varying lengths covering a variety of possible topics and genres crossovers, moderns, AU,OT3, etc....Over the next few days I'll be going over the fills, completing rough edits and posting them here for anyone that is interested. Some of them will be polished and sent to various archives. Right now I am breaking them into four categories:

Crossover Collection
    She is the One
    Four Years
    The More Things Change

OT3 Merlin/Gwen/Arthur
  General Investigation
  The Long Drive
  The Ways of Things
  Christmas Dinner

    Fifteen is so Hard When Your Stepsister is a Hottie
   The Fix-Up
   Patience, Pacing and Hotness
   A Remedy to Cure All Ills

Tom Lived AU
   Father Knows Best
   Proof of Life
  The Make-Up Picnic

The Exile AU
   The Days of Fire and Ash

   Too Soon

The Exile is Updated, Chapter XXVVII: Fate's Reaction

The Exile: As Morgana attempts to steal Camelot’s throne a banished Guinevere is building a new life for herself, but neither love nor destiny are ready to let go of the blacksmith’s daughter. She does not yet believe it, but the fate of Albion turns on the choice of Guinevere.

rating: Teen

characters this update: Merlin, Sir Elyan, Morgana, Kilgharrah, Hunith and OC: Lord Troy

Chapter Summary: Having alienated all of his friends Merlin decides to strike out on his own, but he soon learns it’s not so easy to walk away from the wreckage he has created in Camelot. Crippled by guilt for the choices he’s made Merlin learns the true cost of his actions in chapter 27 of The Exile, Fate’s Reaction.

The Exile, Chapter XVII: Fate's Reaction

Looking Back

The Exile is Updated, Chapter XXI, Wartime Tales tale the 2nd Spring Flowers

Title: The Exile

Chapter XXI: Wartime Tales, tale the 2nd Spring Flowers

Author: AGDoren

Rating: Teen

Genre: Romance-Fantasy, AU

Spoilers: Up to and including episode 4x9

Characters: Magistrate Girgor, Efan, Hafreen, Gerry, Leofren and Kitty

Summary: Wartime Tales, Stories Out of the Occupation of Camelot is a collection short stories of Morgana’s second occupation of Camelot as experienced by two commoners and two knights, Hafrene Daughter of Magistrate Grigor, Janet the second bracelet victim, Sir Elyan and Sir Gwaine. The first days of the occupation as seen through the eyes of a twelve year old girl, Morgana has ordered all families with homes of four rooms or larger to quarter soldiers. Slowly the people of Camelot are stripped of their rights and freedoms.
Betaed: my best friend Shanel and Bluemagicrose

Read: Wartime Tales, tale the 2nd Spring Flowers

TW: brief mentions of animal cruelty and violence

The Exile and Other Stories

Titles: The Exile and The Days of Fire and Ash
Chapter20: Wartime Tales, Tale the 1st, The Lost Boy
One Shot: The Days of Fire and Ash
Author: AGDoren
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance-Fantasy, AU
Spoilers: Up to and Including episode 4x9
Characters/Pairings: Guinevere, Tom, Sir Elyan, Queen Annis, Lord Constans the Duke of Cornwall.
The Exile
Summary: Wartime Tales, Stories Out of the Occupation of Camelot is a collection short stories of Morgana's second occupation of Camelot as experienced by two commoners and two knights, Hafrene Daughter of Magistrate Grigor, Janet the second bracelet victim, Sir Elyan and Sir Gwaine. The first tale, the Lost Boy begins several days before the occupation as Sir Elyan learns of Morgana's plan to invade and finds himself torn between his loyalty to family and his loyalty to the people of Camelot.
Author’s notes: there are three more shorts following and then stories weave back into the regular narrative. Tale the 2nd is Spring Flowers, Hafrene's tale, Tale the 3rd is The Blighted Blossom is Janet's Tale and Tale the 4th The Fallen Shield is Sir Gwaine's Tale.
Betaed: Bluemagicrose and Tassja, thank you both for all of your help, The Exile would be so much less without you both.
Read: Wartime Tales, Tale the 1st The Lost Boy
TW: while the rating remains teen be warned that these tales are violent.

The Days of Fire and Ash
Chapters: One-shot complete
Summary: Set before the start of season 1. After his best friend was burnt at the stake for the crime of sorcery fourteen year-old Elyan ran away from home. Angered and frightened by her brother's absence Gwen blames their father. Now whenever there is an execution for sorcery Tom and Gwen argue.
Author's Notes: written for the AG fic community MC6 short fic battle 2012. This story is part of The Blacksmith's Daughter timeline and expands a little bit on things mentioned in The Exile regarding Sir Elyan's back story and his motivations in the present.
Beta: just me.
Read: The Days of Fire and Ash

The Exile, Part II, Chapter XIX: A Shadow and A Threat

Title:  ​The Exile

Chapter A Shadow and A Threat

Author:  AGDoren

Rating:  Teen

Genre:  Romance/Adventure

Spoilers:  Up to and including 4x9

Characters/Pairings:  Guinevere, Ylsa, Synove, Kerenza and mentions of Arthur

Summary:  Guinevere's friendship with Ylsa is put to the test as Ylsa tries to solve the riddle of Matilde's fortune.  Meanwhile Guinevere begins to sense something amiss in Camelot and finally writes home.

Author notes:  no pre-chapter notes this update. I hope enjoy and take a moment to comment good or bad.

Betaed:  Shanel a very dear friend of mine and Bluemagicrose thank you both for all of your help, The Exile would be so much less without you.

Read A Shadow and A Threat

He Gets What he Wants

Title: He Gets What He Wants

Chapter: on shot
Author: AGDoren
Rating: NC-17

Genre: Smut

Spoilers: none

Characters: Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot

Summary:  So a while ago I found a prompt on the kinkmeme, asking for Arthur to try and convince Guinevere that they should have 3some with Lancelot and well I decided to fill it.

Author's notes: smut, good old fashioned smut

Betaed: my best friend Shanel and the wonderful Tassja

Here is the original prompt:

Arthur and Gwen both want Lancelot and Lancelot wants them, but Arthur knows that neither Lancelot or Gwen will make a move because of Arthur and Gwen's marriage/they're unsure of how Arthur feels.

In a bid to convince Gwen that threesomes are the solution, Arthur fucks Gwen from behind one afternoon, right in front of the window so they can watch the knights (including Lancelot) training. Arthur goes into great detail talking about how hot Lancelot is and how perfect it would be if he joined them in bed.

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The Exile is Updated

Title: The Exile

Chapter XVIII:  Two Roads

Author: AGDoren

Rating: Teen

Genre: Romance-Fantasy, AU

Spoilers: Up to and Including episode 4x9

Characters: Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Igraine, Morgause, Morgana, and Uther. Mentions of Grigor and Kilgarrah, pairings: Guinevere/Arthur

Summary: Having learned of Guinevere’s innocence Arthur desires mightily to begin the search for Guinevere. With Morgana on the loose though he knows an open search for his lost love might endanger her. So Merlin and Arthur set out to find Morgana and bring her to justice. However with things still tense between them the journey does not go well as Arthur begins to probe all of the lies that Merlin has told him. Spoiler warning for episode 2x8 and 4x9.

Betaed: my best friend Shanel and Bluemagicrose

The Exile, Chapter XVIII Two Roads


The Twelve Days of Christmas

Title The Twelve Days of Christmas

Chapter The Fifth Day of Christmas
Author AGDoren
Rating Mature
Genre Family/Humor, Modern/AU

Spoilers none

Characters, pairings and trioings Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur, Tom, Elyan, Uther, Igraine, Morgana, Hunith as well as original characters Beverly- Gwen’s mother and Tom’s wife, Janine- Gwen’s older sister. Merlin/Gwen/Arthur, Uther/Igraine, Tom/Beverly

Summary An unexpected visitor brings bad news.

Author’s notes This was a originally a much shorter fill an MC6 fic battle prompt but I always wanted to make it longer. The fic will include Twelve Chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. All locations mentioned are real places in and around Chicago, IL.

The 5th Day of Christmas

Prologue 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day


The Exile, Part II, Chapter XVII, Making a Miracle

Title: The Exile

Chapter XVII: Making a Miracle
Author: AGDoren
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance-Fantasy, AU

Spoilers: Up to and Including episode 4x9

Characters: Guinevere, Ylsa, Synove, Ms. Alfonsa, Father Flajer, Tesni, Abebech and wonderful collection of OCs.

Summary: An incident at the townhouse sparks outrage and Guinevere accompanies Ylsa on a most unusual delivery, three at one birth.

Author's notes: Despite somewhat tense and dramatic opening this chapter ends on a cheerful note and I hope some of you find it to be an antidote to your unhappiness at the Merlin series finale.

Betaed: my best friend Shanel and Bluemagicrose

The Exile, Making a Miracle