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AGDoren's Journal

The Exile, Merlin fanfic, Art

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Master Post
Hi everyone. Here's a master post for The Exile and any other fiction I may add to this journal.

                    The Blacksmith's Daughter Series

The Blacksmith's Daughter is title of my AU collection. All stories are Gwen-centric. The main pairing is Guinevere and Arthur. Most stories are from Guinevere's point of view. If you're interested in stories where Guinevere is the main character, has agency and her relationships with people besides Arthur and Merlin are explored then The Blacksmith's Daughter Series is for you. Currently published stories in the Blacksmith's Daughter Series are: Secure, The Exile and the Little Brother,Big Sister drabbles.


Exhausted after spending weeks away from the palace searching for the Lady Morgana Prince Arthur rushes to Gwen's home determined to do anything to keep her safe and secure. Canon, set between S2 & S3, spoilers for season 2, romance, Arwen, short fic.First in The Blacksmith's Daughter series.

The Exile, main title in The Blacksmith's Daughter Series-   updated 08/10/13 new!!

Chronicles the travels and adventures of Guinevere during her absence from Camelot. Guinevere makes new friends, finds a new family and even a little romance while Camelot suffers her absence.

The Exile Part I: Guinevere Alone

Banished for crimes she did not commit, Guinevere daughter of Tom and Jane wanders the wild lands outside of Camelot in search of a new home.

Chapter I: :Departure
Chapter II::On the Road
Chapter III: Break Down : Break Down
Chapter IV: The Bear, the Bird and the Bandit

The Exile Part II: Guinevere Called Jenafere

Intrigue and strife heat up in Camelot's court as different factions vie to secure the favor of the king. Meanwhile chaos and discord break out in the lower and middle towns of Camelot as wicked magic runs wild through the city. Guinevere has at last found a place of safety where she can start her life anew, but can she escape the hands of destiny?

Chapter V: Class Warfare
Chapter VI: A New Life I & II
Chapter VII: The Air in Camelot I & II
The Things He Dreams, an Interlude
Chapter VIII: The Stranger
Chapter VIIII: In the Mourning I & II
Chapter X: Respite I & II
Chapter XI: Her Own Woman I & II -
Chapter XII: And the Truth Will Out
Chapter XIII: Of Friends Families and Magic
Chapter XIV: Closer
Chapter XV: The Aftermath
Chapter XVI: Making a Miracle
Chapter XXVII: Two Roads
Chapter XVIII: A Shadow & a Threat
Chapter XIV: Wartime Tales I
Chapter XX: Wartime Tales II
Chapter XXI   Wartime Tales III
Chapter XXII: Wartime Tales IV
Chapter XXIII: The Right & The Left
Chapter XXIV: Unseemly Women
Chapter XXV: A Perfect Fit
Chapter XXVII: Fate's Reaction-New!! 08/25/13

The Exile Art work Index

Little Brother, Big Sister, featuring Elyan and Guinevere, drabbles for The Blacksmith's Daughter, drabbles

I also have a couple of stand alone pieces featuring Guinevere and Arthur at ff.net that are not posted here.

New Entry in my Merlin fic library: How to Live Series
The Day After- one shot
The 12 Days of Christmas

Kinkmeme Fills:
I've also been perusing the kinkmeme prompts and I've written a couple fills and posted them at Pendragon's King. They are also being posted here and AO3. Yes Sire was originally posted as annonymous butI am claiming it now.

He Gets What he Want
Yes Sire

Other Merlin Fic':

A Thousand Years: Every Saturday Mrs. Guinevere Penn watches Merlin online and chats with her UK buddies about the show and the ship they can't resist. So what's her reaction to Lancelot Du' Lac? Modern, reincarnation,off-canon and slightly crack. short-short

What's In A Name: Arthur needs a new employee at Penn Industries. Will he hire the candidate with the perfect resume? drabble

Four drabbles for the AG short fic contest: Beautiful, Still Going Left,What Happens Next and Humiliation.
I participated in another AG short fic battle. I filled 16 prompts and will be adding the shorts as they are over the next few days with some minor polishing so people can easily find and read them- updated 09/23/12.

MC_6 Short fic battle in which I placed third. I wrote a total of 14 or 21 fills, I don't remember, read here; fics are added as I edit.

Follow the progress of The Exile on tumblr at TalesoftheBlacksmith'sDaugter.

Spam. Hi everyone my journal has been getting spammed a lot recently I don't know how they are finding my journal or why they spam it. Commenting is being limited to registered users for the moment. I don't think there are any non-registered users who comment here. If you are non-registered and want to comment I'm sorry to block you, but the spammers are getting around the captcha and I'm clearing up about a hundred messages daily over the past few days. Sorry if anyone is inconvenieced by this, but I don't know what else to do.

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